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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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an official investigation is launched into arten gina's president over the alleged cover up on iran's involvement in the bombing of a jewish center. ♪ hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. taliban suicide bombers storm a shia mosque in pakistan killing 20 people. chadian troops fight boko haram in nigeria. the group launches his first attack inside chad. rebels step up their fight to capture a crucial railway
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town before the ukraine ceasefire begins. plus -- after too much time alone in prison it's like a dream come true. egypt frees al jazeera journalists, mohammed fahmy, and baher mohamed on bail. hello, argentina's president has been formally charged with preventing an investigation into iranian officials involved in the bombing of a jewish community center.
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrapup of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights, on al jazeera america . for the third time in three
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months the taliban has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a shia mosque. at least 19 people were killed in by suicide bombers. al jazeera's correspondent has more details. >> reporter: they chose the busiest time of the week friday prayers. a small group of men, wearing suicide vests entered the building and shot at worshippers, even throwing grenades one blew himself up killing the most number of people. another attacker was held down by some of the worshippers until he was shot by officers. according to a local police chief this was a courage ousz decision that prevented many more deaths. the people are caught in the middle of a long-running violent campaign by the pakistani taliban. it wants to impose a strict version of islamic law, and wants more control, and says this is revenge for the killing
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of one of its men in december. like other attacks, the taliban was chosen to target shia muslims. a minority community in pakistan. it's also where 150 people mostly children were killed in a school in december. the government has been fighting the taliban in tribal areas where it's most active. but the military campaign has not stopped attacks like these. kamal is in the capitol with more details. >> reporter: this particular mosque belonged to the shia community. more details have emerged from the police saying the three attackers used an adjacent building under construction to get into the premise but before doing that they [ inaudible ] to make sure that nobody was able to find out clues to where they came from the [ inaudible ] of course has been discovered. there were earlier reports that
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they came through the front gate but the inspector general of the police said that these people were wearing black clothes. two suicide bombers having jacketed packed with explosives with again -- grenades were able to get into the mosque. one of the attackers were shot before dedicating his device. the second detonated his device killing the third attacker. however, the death toll quite high and over60 wounds. boko haram fighters from nigeria have attacked inside chad. as many as ten people were killed before the fighters were pushed back by the army. they crossed lake chad which
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separates the countries in canoes and set fires to homes. the group has already attacked towns and villages in cameroon and niger in recent weeks. that has prompted chad niger, and cameroon to send troops into nigeria. boko haram has promised to fight any nations that join the fight against them. our correspondent has more on the latest attack. >> reporter: the details of this fresh attack come from an unnamed security official. and suspected members of the boko haram group stormed this village in the very early hours of friday morning. according to the security official there were at least 30 suspected boko haram fighters. however, there is some discrepancy if you would like about how many people may have been killed.
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what does this mean for the broader fight against boko haram? when you talk to those who are supporting the military offensive, the various military offensives going on against the group by countries like nigeria, chad and cameroon they say this is an ongoing battle. no army has said they are able to defeat boko haram. but when you talk to critics of the authorities, they say this news of this latest attack is just more evidence of the ineffectiveness of the armed forces who are battling the group. in that billions of dollars is being spent fighting them. thousands of soldiers have been deployed, but still they are failing to protect lives and property. sierra leone government says it has locked down a neighborhood of the capitol after a death in ebola. the death is a blow to the country. less than a month ago the
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president was hopeful the worst was over. the world health organization has reported the number of new incidents rising across the country for a second week running. with just over 24 hours to go before a ceasefire is due to take effect there has been a surge in fighting in eastern ukraine. pro-russia separatists has launched an offensive to capture key territory. ukraine's military says 11 of its soldiers were killed in 24 hours. kiev has condemned the upturn in violence. >> for us it was and is unacceptable that during the meeting in minsk, new 50 tanks, 40 artillery systems, and 40 armored vehicles arrived from russia to separatists. it is brutal how separatists are preparing themselves to ceasefire on sunday.
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at this very moment they are conducting a meeting 48 villages and towns are under heavy shelling. >> the rebels are especially focussed on grabbing more strategic important territory from ukraine before midnight on saturday. and the now mounting final push to take the town of debaltseve that is vital to the coal industry. from debaltseve charles stratford reports. >> reporter: ukrainian army tanks are in position behind me. the separatists say they have surrounded the town. it has become a major flash point. some of the heaviest fighting there. if the separatists take control of debaltseve it would give them
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a direct route to russia. there was very little on the road into debaltseve except military equipment and ambulances. ukrainian artillery was firing close by. everything is destroyed said this ambulance driver. you can't get into town and there are dead bodies on the road. we pushed up further towards debaltseve there is a lot of heavy equipment going towards the front. these soldiers are very nervous about us being here. they say they don't like to be filmed because they consider it to be bad luck before they go into battle. but some soldier were returning, and one agreed to speak to us. we were in a village close by he said. we were shelled with mortar and grad rockets. we want peace, and we are happy
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about the coming ceasefire, but we don't trust president putin. >> reporter: the military are telling us it is too dangerous to go any further, there are big fears that the separatists could hit this bridge at anytime. and there is a lot of heavy military equipment going in that direction. the ceasefire is support to start at 0000 local time on february 15th. a withdrawal of heavy weapons on both sides is supposed to begin soon after. behind me the ukrainian military have set up tanks, and grad rocket positions. bear in mind we were here a few days ago and these soldiers were not here. there is a big fear that the separatists will try to take full control of debaltseve, in
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the interim period between the trust being signed and implemented. the battle goes on. charles stratford, al jazeera, eastern ukraine. all right. still to come on the program, halting the hackers, the u.s. president heads to silicon valley to build up support for beefing up cyber security laws. and -- ♪ >> remembering dresden. remembering one of the most deadly attacks during the second world war. time and be given a chance to agree with our partners the fact that we have a freshman date
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrapup of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights, on al jazeera america .
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♪ again, welcome back a reminder of the top stories here. argentina's president is to be formally investigated over allegely blocking the investigation of iran's involvement in the bombing of a jewish center. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a shia mosque in pakistan. and chadian troops battle boko haram in nigeria, the group has launched its first attack on chadian soil. up to ten people were killed in the attack on a village. u.s. president barack obama is due to announce a new executive order on cyber security designed to encourage tech firms to share more information with the security services about cyber threats.
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he is about to address the summit in the heart of silicon valley in california. the number of high profile h&king attacks is growing with recent cases involving some of the largest companies in the world. the twitter and youtube profiles were hijacked. in november last year hackers stole 100 tara bites of information from sony pictures. north korea was accused of staging that attack in revenge for the film "the interview" which pokes fun at south korea's leader. and in 2011 the play station network with hacked with the loss of 77 million use accounts
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including credit card details, which sent his share price tumbling. we're expecting u.s. president barack obama to speak at this summit very shortly. we'll return to stanford university as soon as the president appears. aljauz journalists baher mohamed, and mohammed fahmy are now home with their families. their retrial is expected to resume in ten days. richard martin reports. >> after too much time alone in prison this is like a dream come true. >> reporter: al jazeera producer baher mohamed enjoys the first moments of his new-found freedom. a day to celebrate with his wife and three children. >> i'm very proud of every single moment i spent in prison for the sake of freedom of expression. i'm really proud of that. if time goes back i would
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choose the same experience and i know the case is still there. i'll continue -- i'll continue to fight for the freedom of expression and i will not back off. >> reporter: baher and his colleague, mohammed fahmy were granted bail by a judge on thursday. they have been in prison in egypt since december 2013. and as part of the bail fahmy was asked to pay a security fund of around $33,000. >> we'll abide by the law, and he'll be vindicated completely. >> reporter: baher was initially sentenced to ten years, and fahmy to seven years in prison. in that decision was recently overturned. egypt's highest court of appeals has challenged the evidence
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presented by the prosecution. it says the proceedings were flawed and has ordered a retrial. [ cheers ] >> reporter: earlier this month, another al jazeera journalist peter greste was deported to australia after 400 days in detention. fahmy who is an egyptian canadian was told that his only way to freedom was to renounce his egyptian citizenship, which he has done. the three journalists, have been wrongly accused of promoting the banned muslim brotherhood. their trial has been widely condemned by the international community and by human rights organizations. six other colleagues were sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison. al jazeera continues to call on egypt to have all of its journalists exonerated. richard martin al jazeera. egyptian state media says a police officer has been killed
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in a bomb blast in cairo. nine people are said to have been injured. the armed group egypt's soldier said on its twitter account that it attacked the patrol because it was headed to disperse protests. there have been a number of anti-government protests across egypt. demonstrators are protesting against the military coup that ousted the former president in 2013. they are also calling for the release of political prisoners. relatives of 21 egyptian coptic christians have held a sit-in in central cairo, demanding the government do more to secure their release. the christian workers were taken captive by isil in the libyan
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city in january. the egyptian premiere league will resume in two week's time despite the deaths of at least 19 football fans last sunday. games will be held behind closed doors for the time being. isil forces in iraq are moving closer to a major government base housing hundreds of u.s. troops. the violence was close to the air base where u.s. marines are training iraqis. im has more details. >> reporter: according to the u.s. military command responsible for the middle east there was an attack around 7:00 am on friday against the air base from isil fighters. it was quickly, they say beaten back by iraqi security forces. now they have about 300 u.s. soldiers within that compound. this attack began on midday on
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thursday. sleeper cells from isil activated themselves and took over parts of the center of the town and mounted attacked further out. what we're hearing is the area has been cleared by iraqi security forces of those fighters, but according to local sources there are a number of isil fighters still within the center of the town itself. also what we're hearing is reinforcements have been sent in by isil from the west and that is becoming a problem as well. so to wrap up there was an attack on the base. that's the first time isil have got so close to a coalition, air base but they say their soldiers weren't under threat and the iraqi security forces dealt with the isil fighters coming in. syrian activists say a car bomb has killed at least ten people including three children. it is said to have happened in front of a mosque. the blast happened as the
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worshippers were leaving the mosque. dozens of others were injured. and negotiations have broken down between the syrian regime and rebel fighters in the city of homs. our correspondent reports. >> reporter: this has been the scene in the neighborhood in homs for several days. constant bombardment by regime forces is a clear sign of where negotiations with the rebels stand. the government has asked fighters to give up their arms and leave for the northern parts of the city. but they are not leaving. >> translator: we're here to fight. we will stay and defend our people. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] arms and positions in return for allowing government institutions to get back to work. it also went u.n. workers could
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deliver supplies for thousands of people trapped in the area. but there seems little hope of an agreement this time. >> translator: why isn't anyone caring for us? we suffer in silence, while we whole world watches. >> reporter: for the people of homs the end of that suffering must seem a long way off. in myanmar 47 government soldiers have been killed in heavy fighting near the chinese border. the fighting began earlier in the week between government troops and fighters. it coincided with the return of a leader who had been in exile in china for five years. there's concern for refugees who have been driven to cross into china. >> translator: china provided them with the necessary assistance out of a humanitarian consideration. we hope all sides can work hard with china to calm the situation, and return the border as soon as possible to peace and tranquility. so these border residents can go
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home. southeastern brazil is suffering a major drought and it looks like getting worse. with reservoir already reaching critical levels. lucia newman is in sao paulo. >> reporter: in this middle class home the awareness of the need to seay water has transformed everyone's life. she and her family use a bowl to catch the water when they wash their hands. when it's full, it's used to flush the toilet. a bucket catches the water they used to waste while the shower warms up. when full she takes it downstairs to be used for the dishwasher or the washing machine. the soapy water is collected for a second lot of clothes, and then used to wash the floors or pots and pans. nothing is wasted in an effort to economize on what has become the most scarce commodity of
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brazil's capitol. >> translator: sao paulo is such a large city i don't know what we'll do if there is a water rationing. >> reporter: there are already severe shortages in sao paulo's poorer neighborhoods. where the drought forces this woman to rush home to gather water before the tap runs dry. >> translator: we gather water in buckets and bottles. sometimes it disappears for days. >> reporter: in this case the washing machine is being used simply to store water, according to brazilian experts, the ongoing deforestation of the amazon is to blame for the changing rain patterns. but while the cause may be environmental, the repercussions are both economic and political. many disgruntled residents accuse the state and national governments equally of not
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investing in sufficient water infrastructure, ahead of what was a foreseeable crisis. the drought is now in its third year. this drought is already impacting industry, and is now threatening to unleash an energy crisis given brazil's dependance on hydro electric power. >> depending on the duration of the drought, we will certainly go into -- into recession. certainly. there's no -- no reason why to -- to think otherwise. >> reporter: afraid of what is to come one of sao paulo's most traditional restaurants has devised a plan b. top of the line disposable plates. >> we are prepared. we must be because if we have no water, there is no other way to operate a restaurant. >> reporter: the go says he will hold off until the end of the government in the unlikely event that it will rain enough to avoid imposing stiff water
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rationing in the entire city sophomore of -- of more than 20 million. germany has been marking the 70th anniversary of one of the most deadly attacks on its soil during world war ii. ♪ >> the city of dresden was largely destroyed, leaving tens of thousands dead. the attack has long been controversial. at the time the allies thought it would hit civilian morale and help nazi germany surrender. >> 70 years ago, our nations and peoples were at war. over three days in february ally -- allied bombers brought death and destruction on a scale impossible to imagine.
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>> translator: we want to emphasize it once more. we know who started the murderous war, and therefore, we will never forget the victims of germany's war initiative. rescuers are trying to refloat more than 170 pilot whales. the animals beached themselves in the country's far north. 25 have already died. with more expected to parrish. it's one of the largest beachings in the past 20 years. ♪ time for a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. an official investigation has been launched to argentina's president over the bombing of a jewish center two decades ago in which 85 people died. the case was brought by the


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